Here you can find all the infos regarding the hike and your rights.

Route & Times

Important Update The local authorities and police continue to discourage our presence on the cantonal road this year. Negotiations are ongoing, preventing us from confirming the exact route at this time. Due to the municipality’s interference, regrettably, we’ve had to make time adjustments to our plans! Saturday Meeting Point: 10:00 AM, K├╝blis Bahnhof Arrival Klosters: approx. 04:30 PM Sunday Meeting Point: 08:00 AM, Klosters Bahnhof Arrival Davos: approx. 02:00 PM Will you be taking the train on Sunday?

Why are we hiking against the WEF?

At the WEF, decisions are made by an elite circle that have an impact on all our lives. Even if they claim to be future-oriented, sustainable and social, one thing is at the forefront of all these decisions: their own interests. And the interests of a few super-rich people and political representatives selected by the WEF are not the interests of the general public. What is the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

Action Consensus

Action consensus WEF hike 2024 To ensure that the winter hike is as safe and accessible as possible for all participants, we have drawn up an action consensus. As an action of peaceful, civil protest against the World Economic Forum (WEF), we must take care of each other and therefore want to base our actions on the following principles: We want to have a mindful and sustainable approach to ourselves as a group of activists, which means: We respect the personal boundaries of other activists.


General Antirep information: Important: The hike is authorized. In principle, you do not have to expect police contact. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of your rights. To be on the safe side, read the following Antirep information General information: The only information you need to disclose about yourself is the information on your ID and your home address. Telephone/mobile phone number, place of work/employer or place of education etc.

Packing list

A large rucksack with: - Hiking boots! Good footwear is important, we will probably be walking partly through the snow - Banners, posters - T-shirt short and long - Warm sweater - Thermal underwear - Winter jacket - Pants, ski pants or warm trekking pants - Underwear - Comfortable, good and warm socks - Nessessary - Personal medication - Gloves, hat, scarf - Sun protection - Sleeping mat - Sleeping bag - Headlamp - Water bottle with water (approx.